Five days later Ann returned with Yoko for more body work. She reported Yoko had some good and bad days but was brighter and readily eating boiled chicken. She was still giving Milk Thistle, and I treated her with laser and acupuncture.

Thirteen days later I received an email from Ann saying Yoko had done really well. She was eating, taking her herbs and was more active. Her once painful abdomen was comfortable and Ann could even brush her and bathe her without objection. She needed to go on a ten day trip and felt it would be best to take Yoko with her so we scheduled another body treatment before she left town.

I did not see Yoko again for five months when Ann called for a nail trim. Yoko had gained weight, was bouncing around the sunroom clinic, happy and really hard to hold still for the nail trim. Her hair coat was shiny and she was beautiful! She pranced out of my office a very happy dog.

Many years ago, at my traditional Veterinary Practice, my staff and I all agreed to pay very close attention to our intuition. That not only made everyone in our practice much closer, but it helped us in many ways to provide better care to our patients. I am so thankful that I paid attention to Yoko’s message in my dream. She was not ready to go!