This summer I had a “real dream!” I saw a red fox looking in my back door window. I was exhilarated because foxes have disappeared from Fort Collins over the past three years. I miss them more than I can say. I thought the dream meant the foxes were coming back.

Later that morning I was seeing a new client. When she walked into my clinic I was shocked! Her dog was a red Shiba Inu, a breed that looks like a red fox. Yoko was her name and it was her face I saw peering into my back door in my dream! I kept staring at her and telling her human companion, Ann that I dreamt about Yoko early this morning. I couldn’t believe I was looking at her face right in front of me.

Ann was visiting me to consult about euthanasia. Yoko had heart disease including a ventricular aneurysm, mitral valve degeneration and a systolic heart murmur. She was hit by a car a year before and broke her left rear leg. Recently, she was diagnosed with liver cancer and was going into failure. She went downhill rapidly and yesterday acted like she was going to die. She had not been eating and was hardly moving the past few days. Ann thought today we would be helping her pass, except that this morning she seemed a tiny bit better and ate a bite of food.

I could not get over the fact that I dreamed about Yoko just a few hours ago. I did not know her at all and I was looking at her right now! She looked a bit rough but I saw a sparkle in her eyes! Ann was very happy to try some acupuncture, laser therapy and herbal support to give her a chance. I knew she was asking me to help her and that she was not ready to die yet.

I started with the laser and worked over some tight muscles. I added acupuncture to support her heart, liver, immune system and GI tract. We started on Milk Thistle from Animal Essentials for extra liver support. We also discussed home cooked meals with bone broth to help her body gain strength. She was weak and I did not want to start too many things at once thus allowing her body to adapt a little at a time.