Maggee Mae

I cannot explain exactly why it was so hard for me to get to Maggee’s house that Saturday morning. But one thing was for sure, Maggee was clearly not ready to go! I told Steve and Stacee about my strange drive over and why I did not even bring in my medical kit. The fact that I was almost two hours late, that Maggee woke up when I arrived, and that Steve and Stacee were not in unison about the decision all added up to a plan to wait until Monday and see how she does. Maggee was not in any obvious pain and at the least this would give them a little more time with her.

Monday morning Stacee drove Maggee to my clinic. She was weak but was walking slowly. She also was eating a few bites and drinking water. Her liver values were very elevated so I started her on Milk thistle; a glycerin based herbal tincture by Animal Essentials. I also added AES Red Clover for cancer support and mild blood thinning, and gave her an acupuncture treatment.

In a few days she returned for her second acupuncture. She was able to walk from her car to my office pretty easily. The third visit, Stacee parked across the street and called me to the car to watch her walk from so far away. Stacee was beside herself with joy! Maggee continued to improve and become more like her old self. She still had cancer but her liver values were better, her appetite was good and her energy was much stronger. I babysat her one day and found her trying to dig under my chicken coop to catch my chickens! She didn’t care if she had cancer!

Maggee lived over two years before her liver went into failure. This time she seemed ready to go and her humans were at peace with her passing. They were so thankful to have had the extra time with her. When you live like every day is your last day, the days are great. Sometimes it takes a crisis to remind us to live for the moment. It can be a gift even though it doesn’t seem like it at the time.

Maggee taught me to pay attention to the flow of time. If it flows easily, I’m doing the right thing. If I’m pushing through sludge, I’m not doing the right thing. She also taught me to encourage family to be in agreement at the time if passing. It is important to enter the euthanasia with peace, love and support.

In loving memory of Maggee Mae!

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” -Albert Einstein