June 12, 2019


Bordatella: I do not recommend the Bordatella Vaccine

Bordatella bronchiseptica, which is known as Kennel Cough or infectious tracheobronchitis of dogs (The Merck Veterinary Manual, 1986), typically is a 10-day phlegmy cough which is worse at night and very contagious to other dogs. If your dog is never vaccinated and contracts Kennel Cough, it can result in lifetime immunity after the 10-day illness. The vaccine contains a modified live virus and it often causes a light form of Kennel Cough following the injection. The vaccine is effective for 6 months to 1 year; when it wears off, your dog is susceptible to the disease. Bordatella vaccine protection does not give lifetime immunity.

My theory, based on decades of clinical observation, is that the vaccine prevents the body from developing lifetime immunity from Boradatella by blocking the long-term response. When you give the vaccine, a temporary immunity develops, lasting 6 months to one year, because the vaccine attaches to receptor sites in the body that tells the body to prevent Kennel Cough. A patient who contracts Kennel Cough without vaccine exposure creates an antibody response that blocks the Bordatella receptors and potentially creates a lifetime immunity. Are we harming our dogs because of the toxin in the vaccine, and because we are preventing development of a lifetime immunity to Bordatella. I believe we should let our puppies contract Kennel Cough and in theory we would greatly reduce the outbreaks of Kennel Cough in daycares and kennels because the majority of the animals would have lifetime immunity. I often wonder why kennels and daycares have frequent outbreaks of Kennel Cough even though they require all their dogs to have the vaccine. I challenge people to stop vaccinating for Bordatella and treat your dogs with Animal Essentials Respicalm and supportive care for ten days. NOTE: find a receptor diagram

Literature states that secondary bronchopneumonia in puppies and debilitated adult dogs can be fatal, although in 25 years of practicing Veterinary Medicine, I have never witnessed this happen. If you suspect secondary lung involvement, I do recommend you call your Veterinarian for antibiotics and supportive care. For the routine 10-day cough I give Animal Essentials Mushroom Blend and Animal Essentials Veterinarian Apawthecary Respi-Calm.