I searched and searched for the street, certain I was really close. I have a good sense of direction and usually take pride in getting to places without much help. But my instincts were failing me and I hated to bother Catherine and her family as I knew they were terribly sad. But I gave her a call. I explained where I was and she said I was on the completely wrong end of town.

Catherine said Chewy was all of a sudden normal and I didn’t need to come. It was a miracle! We both couldn’t believe it but were thankful I was going the wrong direction because that gave Chewy time to recover from her second stroke. It was not her time! I turned around and drove home in some sort of a zone. There have been so many times in my life where events happed that I could not explain and getting lost was like that. Yet it seemed I was exactly where I was supposed to be. Imagine that!

A couple years later I got a call in the middle of the night to please come and help. Chewy was now 17 ½ years old and she was ready to go. She had stopped eating and didn’t want to get up to walk any more. She was in pain and didn’t want to move. I arrived in the dark. It was February 10, almost Valentine’s Day. A light snow had dusted the ground during the night. Chewy was lying on a pillow in the living room. I asked if she had been able to go outside lately. She looked up and slowly walked to the back door. Catherine helped her out where she took one last stroll around her back yard, came to the door and once back, laid down on her pillow very peacefully.

I gave her a sedative to help her sleep and then performed her euthanasia. She left her old body and her spirit was set free. We shared stories about Chewy, hugged and cried. I packed up and drove back home so thankful that Chewy got to live her life until she was ready to go. The air was crystal clear from the fresh snow and the day was perfect! I went home and lay down to sleep a couple more hours.

What happened next was so remarkable that I will never forget it. Catherine sent me a text with a photo. It was a giant heart drawn in the snow by Chewy’s footprints! When she went outside, she outlined the shape of a heart. She made the full loop and walked back to the door. Chewy left an early Valentines Heart for Catherine and her family, one that they will always remember and cherish!

In loving memory of Chewy, where Valentine’s Day can be any day if you are filled with love!
“Keep walking the path of love” -Chewy