This summer I had a “real dream!” I saw a red fox looking in my back door window. I was exhilarated because foxes have disappeared from Fort Collins over the past three years. I miss them more than I can say. I thought the dream meant the foxes were coming back. Later that morning I[…]


Chewy and Cushing’s Disease; The Plight of Working Breed Dogs Chewy had the coloring of a shepherd in the body of a small heeler. I first met Chewy when she was 15 years old for digestive issues. Previously, she had been diagnosed with severe liver disease and treated with antibiotics. After reviewing her blood works,[…]

Maggee Mae

Maggee Mae, a very active terrier mix, loved to race around and chase squirrels. Sadly, at seven years old she was diagnosed with cancer. The news was shocking! How could such a young energetic dog have cancer? Her family, Steve and Stacee were devastated. They visited CSU, home to one of the greatest Cancer teams[…]


Bob had not gotten up for two days. He was a handsome, large tabby cat that arrived at the hospital for blood works and x-rays. Bob did not get up or eat for two days. He was very sick, pale and lethargic. The test results revealed the worst. He had cancer and it had spread[…]


This is a story about grief. Is it ok to grieve for your pets? How long should you grieve? Are you a bad person if you have a hard time with pet loss? The answer to these questions will vary between people. For me, pets are like my chosen family. They are the reason I[…]