September 25, 2016

About Priscilla Dressen

Priscilla Dressen Holistic Vet CareI am a South Dakota native, mostly raised in Colorado Springs, CO. I graduated from a Medical Assistant program at Nettleton Business College, Sioux Falls, SD in July, 1976. I received my BS in Biology with a minor in Chemistry 1982, at Black Hills State University. While living in the Black Hills, I gained a much deeper appreciation for wildlife, studying subjects such as Ornithology, where I began venturing across the state spotting birds in all sorts of environments.

I completed the CSU Veterinary Program in 1993 and accepted an interim position as Clinical Instructor in the Exotic Animal and Wildlife department from 1994-1997.

While teaching at CSU, I cared for sick and injured raptors with the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program. We also worked with the Denver Zoo, The Big Cat Sanctuary, W.O.L.F. Rescue (Wolf Offers Life and Friendship), and with many wild and exotic pets including African Pygmy Hedgehogs. I was appointed to the W.O.L.F. board of directors as the CSU representative and continued on their board as Clinical Director for 17 years. I also volunteered multiple years with Wildkind, the local wildlife rehabilitation facility through the Larimer Humane Society, working with small mammals, reptiles and birds.

I completed the Veterinary Acupuncture Course in November, 2000 and became a Clinical Instructor in the program from 2001 to 2016.

I established North Star in 1997, treating exotic animals, wildlife and dogs and cats. After adding acupuncture to my practice I found the results so astounding that I left traditional medicine and became a strictly holistic veterinarian in 2006. My practice, North Star Holistic Animal Care, is in a sunroom, with a pond and a couch. I prefer to sit on the floor with my patients and practice in a very personal, calm and safe environment. Acupuncture, laser, massage and herbals are my main focus for treating patients with occasional traditional medicine. Pain management, balancing health, wellness, geriatric care and hospice are many commonly practiced areas of interest. I am happy to refer back to Western veterinarians, but find the majority of what a patient needs can be solved with a little more time and understanding.